A Curveball Reminder

What happens when life throws you a curveball? All my business coaches and teachers always repeated one mantra: It isn’t about how many times you get knocked down, it is about how many times you get back up and keep going. I know this mantra by heart. I agree with it fully. And I have not followed it.

I don’t want to say I got knocked down. Because honestly I didn’t. What happened was more of an obstacle than a knock down. Nonetheless, it was a complication that would have thrown me for a loop before. I have advertised the free lectures on a meetup group that has about 1500 members. So my events received a lot of attention without me having to go out of my way to market them. About a week ago I posted the next lecture on that meetup and 2 days ago I received an email that they are now charging $50 to post 2 events a month.

Well, the point about free lectures is that they are free. I am using their meetup to get the desire.guru message out and also to support them byyoda offering my events. So I decided that this is too pricey for me. But now what? I struggled with my decision for about a day, doubting it and doubting myself. Then I remembered what the name of this project / business is. Desire! And that when it became clear.

I scoured meetup for any other groups that might be interested in having my events posted on their pages. I found one that allowed it and they have about the same amount of members. Yay me! And while I was at it, I reached out to some more groups to network with. And I started my own group. Now I am sitting here typing this and i feel all this high energy coursing through my body. I am high and grounded at the same time. Like a buzzing throughout my whole body. It feels awesome.

Yes, I received a reminder in the form of a curveball. A reminder to go back and ask myself why I am doing what I am doing. Because it is my desire.


  1. Rob

    YES! Isn’t it interesting how these things work and I see how your desire is feeding and guiding you. Awesome example!

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