A Weekend In San Francisco

I am in a coaching program to, who would have guessed, deepen my coaching practice. It is over the course of 6 months with monthly immersions and one just ended and I got back to portland yesterday around noon.

To save money, I drive down to SF. I start out on Thursday morning and then drive for about 11 hours and I listen to podcasts the whole time. And I cover the whole spectrum. Sex education, Polyamory, Business, Kink, etc. Whatever I feel like. I have 11 hours to fill. Usually by hour 8 everything blurs together and I can’t remember any specific podcast anymore but I do remember the most interesting snippets of the program.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my Immersion weekend. Holy Guacamole, Batman. Apart from some amazing speakers like Nicole Daedone, Rachel Tayeb and Ulysses Slaughter, there was some serious personal and experiential work going on. There were moments when I felt like I was on a different planet in some parallel universe. I did not recognize the world the way I was used to. I can tell you, it is one crazy feeling. A little like the guy in 28 Day Later. Waking up and everything is different.

And outside of that, there are 140 people in total in the program. And at immersion you see them all. Which means it is a great opportunity to have conversations, meet all kinds of different, amazing humans, see and help them work through their shit and receive help when my own shit is worked. It is a great experience to be part of a limbic network.

While I was “done” for the weekend by Saturday morning, the immersion ended Sunday at 6pm and I drove back to Portland. With way too little sleep I made it here around 10am and then crashed out. It was a crazy experience, and at the same time, one, that I am very grateful for.

Now I am back here, caught up with some sleep needs and I am ready to roll and throw myself right back into my own desire.guru practice – ready, open and willing.

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