How your ANS may be running your sex life


What then, would our bodies feel? What would our sex organs send to our brains and how would that brain at peace respond?

When our environment isn’t 100% secure or when we are thinking about our obligations for the day, or if the lover we’ve chosen has no clue what he is doing when he’s doing ‘his best’ to get us in the mood, what are these factors doing to our sensation?

Could we feel more? Could we go into an unconscious state, blissed, ecstasy, transcendence? Absolutely we can! But this happens so rarely for us.


How Can We Get There?

How can we achieve this? More of this blissed, ecstasy, transcendent sex? We deserve great sex but as much as I’m going to hate saying this, we have to make that happen ourselves. We as women are the ones that are going to have to secure our environment, surrender into our bodies and find a lover to trust that he knows what he is doing. And if there are factors in our environment that are beyond our ability to control (such as, the godforsaken leaf blowers outside our window) then we change the way we perceive it.

Credit to: Dave Reid

Credit to: Dave Reid

This isn’t about ignoring what triggers us. It’s about altering the factors that we know will set off our sympathetic nervous system. This goes deep to say we must control the external factors in order to be in tune with our internal biological process.


And then, what Will Our Sex Be Like?

When sex involves full surrender and full parasympathetic activation, glorious neurotransmitters can come out to play. Those same neurotransmitters that are released during psychedelic dosing, or when we dance and lose ourselves. Or even for example, we find a sexy large viking man to ravish us in blood red satin sheets, blue and green lights crashing into the mirrored disco ball spinning above and Portishead playing in the background. Mmmm, yes please some of that.



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