Dating, Intimacy or Romance?

That is the question I am asking myself right now. Not so much in my own life – I go for all 3. This is about the next lecture I am giving here in Portland on May 21st and I have yet to decide on a topic.

Yesterday we kicked off the event series, aptly titled “Sex, Relationship, Intimacy – The Series” with a lecture and 2 exercises on Attractiveness. I loved it and I label the event a success. Although Mr. President’s visit interfered a little with the lecture and way fewer people actually attended than signed up on meetup. But then again, it was the very first lecture in a series and I am actually very happy with the turnout overall.

There was some great learning in the room yesterday. People were looking at their deep, hidden stuff from the past that might interfere with their attractiveness right now. And then they were looking at ways to increase it going forward. It felt great. And then there was learning on my part. I followed something I learned in the past and cut down content very heavily considering that I had an hour. And for the last 2 days I was worried i did not have enough to fill an hour. Being in it, I realized I actually still had too much. So for the next lecture I will be increasing the time to 1.5 hours and cut down further on the content because I want people to share and connect more with each other instead of me giving a top down lecture.

I also got some feedback. “I feel teased” or “It feels like we barely scratched the tip of the iceberg” were among them. And I agree with both of those feedbacks. We did barely scratch the tip of it. And at the same time I had an hour that was already overloaded. What I take from that is a desire for people to go deeper. And I will be looking into that and put on a day class and hopefully a workshop very soon.

But back to the topic. I am currently sitting between chairs on what my If you really loved menext lecture is going to be. Dating and Intimacy were feedback requests. At the same time I feel that there is a lot to be said about this false notion of romance and the feeling that we should be reading our partner’s minds – because that is what real love is. Isn’t it?

I am probably going a little more into that tomorrow. Or I might not. But that is the awesome thing about running a business named I get to do whatever I desire. 🙂

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