Dating – What’s Up With That?

When I gave our last lecture, I asked people for feedback. I wanted to know what they liked and what they didn’t like, what they learned and also what topic they would like to have covered in the future. And one request that came from several sides was “Dating”. I shrugged and moved on. And then I got thinking and wondering why such a request was made.

To me dating is something I don’t worry too much about. I am part of some communities that make it easy to ask people out on a date. I have an OKC and a tinder profile. I am easygoing, confident and playful. And I have never really bothered trying to learn more on dating because my dating life is as good as I can handle.

So I started looking around on the web what kind of resources there are when it comes to dating and I was stunned. fleshlight vs datingMost of it is a mix of 1% not so great info and 99% utter crap. (I am using this work because I feel this strongly about the content out there.) When I googled “dating” I found nothing but online dating sites for the first 3 pages (and wikipedia). When I googled “how to date” I got all kinds of weird articles – from “How To Date A Feminist” to “9 Things That Are Supposed to Happen On A Real Date” as well as “How To Date People In Bands” and “How To Date A Tech Millionaire”. With my hopes sinking, I finally googled “get better at dating”. The results were slightly better. I found some Pick Up Artists teaching a formulaic dating approach, an article that offered advice from an “extreme dater” and “How To Get Good At Dating” from eHarmony (with some decent information).

Okay, I am dissing a lot here. Don’t get me wrong, most of these articles had something in them that was useful information but it is a nugget that you have to dig out of a mountain of bad and un-useful information. Now I understand why there is a request made to teach about dating.

The good thing is that there are good resources out there – but they are really hard to find. I know some websites that have amazing information on the topic of dating and they just don’t pop up in the top search results because dating just isn’t their focus. That sucks for the people looking for help. So I will put a class together.

I am going to set up my content over the next few days and will actually share with you, what I am going to teach in class. And because isn’t a dating site, the content will probably be really hard to find in a Google search. *sigh*

Stay tuned for more.

And just because I chuckled when i saw it, I am leaving you with one piece of advice:










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