the rock of gibraltar with message overlay is back!!!

Holy rapidly changing reality Batman! Yeah, I am embracing my inner (and not so hidden) nerd! But that is part of what makes me Me and since I decided a long time ago to be honest here, this is exactly what I am and what I am going to be.

Talking of rapidly changing reality. What happened to DG ( over the last few years. Weeeeeeell. It was a ride alright.

What the F*** happened?

When I started DG with the help of Robert and Tasha, the idea was to share knowledge, leave people in a better state than they were before, help them grow… basically make the world a little bit of a better place, on person at the time. The challenge was that at the time, I decided to go all out and push hard to make a living just doing that. As you can imagine, there were a whole lot of problems with that.

So in the end I needed to shelve DG work more and more in exchange for doing something else. But that wasn’t enough. So I set a new goal. I want to get to the point where I can do DG as my passion and not because I need to make a living from it. So I went and besides working I started studying.

Now you can imagine that ate up about 14 hours of my day and that was the temporary death toll for DG. I managed to complete my studies in a little over a year, volunteered for 3 months to get more job experience and then went looking for a job (as a web developer).

Somewhere during that time my relationship with Tasha ended as well and not exactly peacefully. We have always been high intensity when we were together and you can probably imagine that parting ways (especially when one party feels hurt) is not lowering the intensity. (I might write more on that topic at some point.)

After that I was looking for a job and found one. But not in the US. So I facilitated my life down to two suitcases and changed countries. New job, new country, new language, new responsibilities… yeah, DG wasn’t really on my mind the first six months here. But then I settled into a routine here and I started missing it… the sharing, the classes, the conversations with awesome people, the growth I have through it.

Well, it took me another 8 months to finally get to the point where not doing it was causing more pain than putting in the work and getting back to it. So… here I am and I am back.

Now, what’s the plan going forward?

First I am going to update this site and make all the information current. Which it desperately needs. I just went through 1900 accumulated spam comments. What fun.

After that, my intent is to put on classes again. Although the physical location will be in southern Spain, I am super motivated to run webinars and Facebook live streams. The usual stuff that the kids do nowadays. 🙂

I am also intent on creating Youtube content regularly. Which will most likely be a video every two weeks in the beginning and then hopefully get to the point of one or two videos every week. Of course, if you want me to create specific content, let me know.

Last but not least I am really set on creating a business here in Spain where I can push DG, the classes, the coaching and basically everything I love doing to the next level. If I get that done… holy cow! /happy dance

So… I am looking forward to hearing from you and I am even more looking forward to sharing my thoughts and creating awesome things for you in the future.

See you soon!



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